viernes, 16 de abril de 2010

Mind Map

outline of Turning into robots

Title: Turning into robots
1.- for who
-old people
-people with some kind of disability
-normal people
2.- Iron Man
-military purpose
-medical purpose
3.- turning into robots jus science fiction?
-wild imagination
-Medical use -prosthtics-

jueves, 15 de abril de 2010

End of English 8

In this, the last English course that we see in our university, I have the pleasure to be tutored again for the teacher Doris Molero. with her, I shared in the course of English 5 some time ago, I learned a lot of things shared a lot of things, I say “see you later” because I know in this tiny-big-world we will see each other again after. In this last 4 months,wich represent the beginning of the year, we study where to put what in a paragraph, And write an essay, thing that I think I could do better, i need to practice more my english XD.

Something more, this year to me was presented a game for the nintendo DS named "My japanes coach" from ubisoft. a good game to learn a new Language and a new culture, presented with some games that makes the learning process fun,But at this point I only knows the Kanas (basics characters) and some words.

Turning into robots

New tecnologies that could make us think that we can become Iron Man.

Are we becoming into robots or just incrementing our laziness. Mechanics that help people increase their strength. Honda Company is developing a series of exoskeleton machines or walking assist device to help people to increase their strength. People with muscular problems or normal people are going to be beneficiated with these technologies, which grant strength to make easier the work of walking or mounting a long staircase, by supporting a portion of the wearer's bodyweight. From long ago Honda has been experimenting with robotics; with the purpose of emulate the human being a lot of time and money has been spent, for this reason they begin experimentations that led to what is now ASIMO the robot with more mobility in the world. The Fundamental Technology Research Center of Honda R&D Co., Ltd. began designing the walking assist device in 1999, with the goal of improving the mobility of people capable of walking on their own, although with some difficulty, particularly the elderly. Soon enough at 2008 they show the results of this with these two models the Stride Management Assist and the Bodyweight Support Assist, one for help in the mobility of the legs helping at the moment of lifting it specifically applying force at the walking process, and the other whit a form of some kind of chair that apply force from below to support the person bodyweight.

For old people or people with some kind of disabilities these machines are great because these technologies could put some of them over their feet again. But why people need these apparatus? At a suitable time people that work in constructions need to move a lot of material from place to place, this job is some kind of difficult an degenerative to the worker health, with these machines the same worker not only could prevent an injury in the future but could do the job faster, because a person with good health could use a model that give more strength to the user, in that way rising the amount of material the person could take on in one time. Because technologies like that stand for a lot of usage. some research is being done elsewhere as well. Scientists at M.I.T. Media Lab's Biomechatronics Group have, with funding from the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), developed an exoskeleton that promises to not only lessen the load of weary travelers but could give rise to robotic limbs for amputees. Japan's CYBERDYNE, Inc., has taken this a step further by developing a exoskeleton that supports the entire body, augmenting one's strength or doing the work of ailing (or missing) limbs.

Doing people faster and giving they more strength brings to mind the word Iron Man. And then is when comes the other question, these gadget could be used with ulterior motives? The answer is yes; all technologies are potentials weapons in the Mind of Man. At the same time when some people is thinking of mechanism to make their lives easier some other people are thinking how to use it as a weapon, why?, because, a super soldier that is faster and stronger is very good in a battlefield. In this context Honda has say that these technology is not been developed for military purpose and not will be.

Thinking further, in a space of fifty years, picturing the world, perhaps we are going to be using these technologies in a daily routine and seeing robots in the street like something normal. With these new aids in home and workplaces are we going in a dead spiral where we are going to forget to do exercises and, become lazier to just tuning ours body with some cool mechanicals parts for ours deprecated limbs?… Well this is just science fiction but for sure these technologies will influence in many ways our livesin good and bad ways.

At last being a cyborg strong enough to raise a car over our head is seen like far away for the moment, since for the time being there is not a power supply to maintain for long enough running the device to do the purpose for what has been done. But companies are investigating, trying to develop batteries that last more. From this viewpoint maybe the science fiction is going to be reality. And thinking back already did in the past with others Technologies. In any case we just need to wait to see.

jueves, 18 de marzo de 2010

Advantages and Disvantages of the E-mail

The e-mail was idealized to be the new form of communication, capable of communicate and share with others: personal information, files, pictures, videos and more. With the invention of the internet and its massive growth in only a few years the e-mail become one of the most used service on the web. New spaces were created to share information with friends or related to work. This is when the bad things of the e-mail are revealed. A lot of personal and valuable information is loaded and saved to the account of the person, and knowing this, some people with bad intention developed methods to stole this information, and this methods not only were created to stole ,they create computer virus which, using the interconnectivity of the e-mail, expands quickly on the web infecting others machines

jueves, 25 de febrero de 2010

Punctuation's: Top Fifteen Most Wanted

Text on Daily Deviantion, on (

"Punctuation's Most Wanted by *phantom-inker is incredibly useful and written with both intelligence and humour. As a punctuation fanatic,I think this is really useful not only for the literature community,but anyone that needs a little help to improve their Grammar and Punctuation. (Suggested by *JazzInked and Featured by ^znow-white)"

There is also a downloadable "full" version

PD: This is just copy-paste

viernes, 19 de febrero de 2010

Lost his leg but not his soul

Difficult it is to lose a leg, and still more if you live of it. That’s what happened to Dario Silva, Uruguayan Professional football player, on 2006 when in a devastating car accident where he crashed his truck against a column that ends up falling on his car, caused him severe injuries on his right leg, which had to be amputated below the knee to save his life. This event finished with his career of professional football player, but not with his determination. On 2009 a prosthetic leg allow him to make two goals from the penalty area on a charity mach, where he participated with some others ex-football players. “This was spectacular and very exciting” He said to some of the media present in the end of the mach. And declare his interest to participate in the Paralympics Games of London 2012.